My Prediction That Trump Will Resign By August 18th Has Been Revised To July 15th
Allan Ishac

Well? I think there’s a crack in your crystal ball. Today is July 26.

Last time I checked, Trump is still president.

My crystal ball says he’s out by Thanksgiving.

But ohhhhhh. There is nothing so deceiving as wishful thinking.

He’s out when the Republicans say he’s out.

Or we have to re-calibrate our crystal balls to mid to late 2019.

Speaking of such.

I did Trump’s and Hillary’s numerology before the election.

Trump’s chart came up much stronger than Hillary’s. He had master number influences for the month of November. Hillary didn’t. Had I gone by that, I would have known Trump was going to win.

Looking at his chart again, I see a major pothole for him in in the fourth quarter of this year. He will have a “4” fourth quarter annual Attainment Opportunity opposed by his life long “4” Disrupting Influence.

To put this in plain English, any success he will have in the fourth quarter of this year will have to do with him putting in some real hard work. “4” is a very unforgiving number, but at least it is fair. President Trump’s “4” Disrupting Influence denotes he has had real trouble putting in the actual effort to get things done. Other numbers in his chart imply he has relied on his public image instead.

The first two quarters of this year bode well for this. Arguably even his “8” present quarterly Attainment Opportunity might work. But the “4” quarterly Attainment Opportunity?

Forget it. No way.

My guess is that, by this Fall, his fellow Republicans will be seriously eyeing next year’s election prospects. They may see a national party headliner, who can’t seem to get out of the 30’s in popularity polls, as a major liability.

They will then probably have little trouble finding willing Democrats to go along.

The then newly seated President Pence will then have a choice.

He can follow his ideology and be a one-term president. Or he can try to work with the Democrats, and be a moderate conservative president, and perhaps win a term of his own in 2020.