Bruno Costa
Apr 30, 2017 · 1 min read

Hi Stefan.

The junior may have the perfect solution, it was an example to make the point.

There will be decisions the team can and should make, but we should not confuse autonomy with freedom to choose whatever the team wants.

It’s like the real world, we have the freedom to make our choices, but also there are laws and freedom of others. If the company is not willing to change technology stack because of the cost it will have, the team is not free to choose whatever stack it wants. And it’s the same for product, C level will have the strategy and we should follow it… it’s their company to manage after all. But normally there will be the feedback loop also. They will try to get feedback from others and they will make a decision.

The end of the article is all about finding the right balance where we empower people but we also coach them on those principles.

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