No recruiles, please!

Bruno Costa
Oct 16, 2017 · 2 min read

During my professional experience, I helped in many recruitment processes by participating in multiple interviews. I can also say that I’ve been contacted a great number of times. I know many recruiters as work colleagues and others as just recruiters.

Recruiters are like super heroes, sometimes introducing wonderful opportunities when people are less expecting. We can say their super power is changing people’s lives.

Super recruiter

But, as any magical creature there is an evil twin. Those who take advantage of that super power without understanding or care for the consequences.

Let’s call those recruiles.

Those are the ones that do recruitment as a “bad” salesperson would do. I would identify recruiles with the following:

  • Aggressive slogans (e.g. You would be a fool not to accept this opportunity);
  • Disrespectful with competition (e.g. Pff, that company is really boring, I don’t know what you are doing there);
  • Not working as a team (e.g. One time I received 10 contacts from different recruiters for the same company);

I could live with all of those previous points, but the one I truly hate is that more often than not they are selling you something way off the reality. They will drive you to think you are almost not good enough for the company, that’s it’s really hard to get in there and you will work with the smartest people in the world — friendly advise, if they are not Google, chances are you are very good for them.

This point is too critical and is damaging the image of all recruiters.

Recruiters sell a life.

You, as a recruiter, are selling me a different life. If you lie about it I won’t have all the information to decide. If you lie to me, you might be giving me a bad life.

It’s your job to transform those recruiles into recruiters as yourselves!

I’m counting on you to save my life.

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