And why young women still need it

feminist wall with quotations from Angela Davis, Virginia Woolf and others
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It’s not what you think

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Writing went just fine until … my pandemic meltdown

ice cream cone on the street in a puddle of melted ice cream
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But you did vote, right?

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Apparently, there are LOTS of excuses to procrastinate

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Essays on crossing Australia, dealing with loss, books, cats, feminism, bread baking, and women in Gaza

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Essays on lockdown in Vietnam, kindness, the Void, the Irish Sea, a river, dying & living, and amusing New York snow

A man’s hand holding a pen, about to write in a small notebook that’s resting on red and blue woven & embroidered fabric
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Essays on flowers, endurance, food and racism, coyotes, a Beatles ashram, friendship, and dead farts

old-fashioned grey typewriter with yellow sunflowers on top
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Essays on staying indoors, stepping out on Long Island, oysters, Sri Lanka, India, love letter to BIPOC, and a cup of tea

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Bridget Cougar

Quirky travelling tale spinner, science lover & tree hugger. An optimist viewing the world with wonder, curiosity & awe. “This moment is all there is.” (Rumi)

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