This ad speaks volumes about one of the largest problems in America today. We see one young child holding a Kinder Egg, a seemingly harmless candy sold around Easter time, while another is, surprisingly nonchalantly, holding an assault rifle. The candy is banned in this country, and the assault rifle is not. The Moms of America find this fact to be alarming to say the least, which is exactly why they printed this ad. The whole point of this ad is to show just how preposterous it is that in our advanced society, we have banned a child’s candy, and not a weapon that kill several people in a matter of seconds. But the main reason this ad is effective is because of the emotional chords it strikes in the hearts of many. It hits on people’s need to nurture by involving two young children instead of two 45 year old men per se, and it hits upon everyone’s need to feel safe as well by showing an assault rifle which everyone knows is a very dangerous weapon.

In this particular ad there are two young children, and as normally functioning human beings, the instinct is to want to keep these children safe from harm. It’s a smart idea by these advertisers to use children instead of another group, because it just makes the ad hit home for the people it hopes to impact the most, that much more. In this picture the consumers of the ad can see the young children and maybe think about their own children. The goal is that when they do they will realize that the fact that assault rifles are still allowed in this country is unacceptable, because that is exactly the message that this ad is trying to convey. It also effects the consumers own sense of wanting to feel safe themselves. Grown men and women should know the dangers that come with guns in general, and specifically assault rifles, and if they don’t then they really have no say in the matter. But for those that understand that these weapons are incredibly dangerous, this ad really hits, because most of the time they simply are not thinking about guns and gun control. There are many other things in life that occupy a persons brain during the day, and every once in a while they may hear about a gun, but it doesn’t really register. But when they actually see an assault rifle they will be able to realize the fact that these are dangerous, and in order to be safe, something must be done about them.

As for the target audience with this particular ad, it it pretty obvious that it is directed towards both men and women that are at the age that they have children, which can vary greatly, and this ad nails the target audience that they should go for. The people who have the most say in things that go down involving guns and legislation surrounding it are the target audience that this ad goes for. And by using children as the objects that hold both the Kinder Egg and assault rifle, they hit on the thing that matters more than almost anything in their lives at that point, which are their kids. Parents view this ad and they think about guns immediately, and what they entail. And while not everything that guns are used for has a negative connotation, the public is really only shown the horror stories surrounding guns and their use, which is exactly what the parents who view this ad will think about. They will think about school shootings when viewing this, and they will then put their kids in one of the classrooms at the school and the next thing you know that parent is typing “MOMSDEMANDACTION.ORG” into google chrome. It hits its target with incredible precision because of the fact that it utilizes the thing that is probably the most important thing in their life, their children.

Overall this ad could have a very strong effect on those that view it. It shows how it’s insane that a machine capable of killing is not banned in America, while a Easter candy is. It insinuates that the viewers children could be effected by that machine. It causes the viewers to be scared for themselves and their families. It makes the viewers want to protect the ones they love, and also themselves. It persuades the viewers to do something about that. This ad does exactly what it set out to do, and is very impactful, and brings up a great conversation about a hot topic in American society right now, which is very impressive to do in only 40 words.

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