What’s up Senior design?

Here’s what i am thinking…….

So, I left 15 minutes early do to go to my non-profit. Recap, my non-profit is a place call dodge park. There where two lady by the front desk. They were shock and never hear of this being done. i expland why and what the projects rule was. It just can’t rise a wareness. We talk about event that dodge dose every year and what they would like to see done. the yonger lady name Holly giving me her info and i gave her mine. She made a sujustion about the vets. day event. “it would be nice to have some kind of bannder.” I found this to be a great idea. Do to my grandpa was a vet.

I also talk to my astist,Josh Cameball. He was pretty nice. His answers to my question. What is your favorite designer? Are you looking forward to anything in the next three year? How did you come up with the name Payback penguins? whats your favorite piece of your own art ? What give you the confidence to become a designer? Could you tell me more about yourself?

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