As you are able to tell by the title, the rooms is based around the coastal themed by using the traditional seaside and coastal colours which are blue to resemble the water and white which I don’t know what it resembles however they have also incorpated accessories which also reflect the seaside theme. The room has been painted in a white the whole way through which has allowed the blue accessories to stand out. The stool in front of the fireplace is complete white and has had a fishing net wrapped around it and then been painted white. The chair has been covered around in a blue fabric which has then been dressed in a white throw which gas given texture to the room. On the wall is a painting off the seaside which as incorporated lot of colour into the room. The chair hasn’t been dressed in any pillows however the sofa which you are unable to see is white and has been dressed in blue and white patterned pillows which has allowed more texture and patterns into the room. The coffee table is used for mutluple perpuses such as a coffee table and also a foot rest or a stool. However in the photo you are able to see it is being used as a coffee table, the cofeee tbake has been covered in white fabric with five larfe white buttons. The coffee tbake has been dressed with a silver tray with fisherman rope which has been glued around the tray and has a little achor attached to it. On the tray are a antique silver jar and a glass squared vase which as blue flowers in it. Behind the chair is a cabinet which has books, antiques and much more which has then been covered with a glass white door. On top of the cabinet are a glass vase which as nothing in, a starfish which is leaning onto the vase which gives the feel of the coastal and seaside theme, another smaller glass vases with a star fish laying on the cabinet surface and a medium sized glass vase which has a candle in it which has a rope handle in it. By having large windows it has allowed light to follow into the room and by having the walls white it has allowed the light to bounce of it and let it became lighter.