I was born in Fort Collins, Colorado on December 22, 1999. I lived in Colorado till 2008 when I moved to Mount Prospect. Mount Prospect is a very different place from Colorado. I grew up surrounded by trees and the out doors. Now I live in a place . It took a while to get accustomed to my new environment, but I eventually did. I arrived when I was in 3rd grade. I went to grade school at fairview. My middle school was Lincoln. And now I am a junior at prospect high school. My family is composed of my 1 brother, 3 dogs, 3 hedgehogs, and my mom. I like to spend my time doing stuff outside, playing video games, playing with my dogs, spending time with friends, and relaxing. I am very interested in technology, animation, art, the outdoors, and learning about the human body. I participate in school activities such as ultimate frisbee and NJROTC. I look forward to this year. Meeting new friends and learning all kinds of new thing.


This video is special to me because it shows how far humanity has gone and how far it will go in the future. It talks about how future generations will explore this universe. They will inhabit other worlds and meet other forms of life, but they will all look back and see that earth as where it all stated.


This I me at 9:00 p.m. Playing with some of my friends. We play a wide variety of games from FPS(first person shooters) to games like Mario. We have lots of normally playing for multiple hours at a time.


My mother, Kris, is very inspirational to me because she helps lead me on the right path. She has helped me in some very hard times when I was misguided. She has pushed me to pursue my dreams and my goals. She has given me great advice and guidance that has lead me on the right path. She has also gone through some very difficult times that teaches me that we can all preserve. Without her I would be a very different person.


Steve Jobs is someone who inspires me because he was someone who.started from nothing to becoming one of the most famous technology innovators and owner of the biggest technology company in the world. This shows me that anyone can become successful in this world no matter where you are now. I also look up to him because he started one of the most famous animation company in the world, Pixar. He was also a very big technology innovator in his time. He was the one who created the Macintosh, IPhone, IPod, and many more innovations. So Steve Jobs is an very inspirational person to me by teaching me anything is possible.

Stephen Hawking is another person that inspires me because he is one the most brilliant people on earth. Even with his physical disabilities he pushes to lean more about the universe and teach the world about it too. He shows the world that anyone can become brilliant scientist, Doctor, engineer, or whatever you want to be in the world. He is the one that pushes me to learn as much as I can in the world. He shows me that their is so much in this world that can be improved, learned, and discovered. So Stephen Hawking is an inspiration to me for showing me that there is still much more to do in this world.


A dream of mine is to become an animator. I want to become an animator because I play a lot of video game and seen many TV shows and movies that use it. I think that animation is a very cool art style and a very cool way to tell a story. I take advanced graphics arts in school to become better at it. Other ways I plan to get better at animations is by practicing my drawing skills, watching tutorials, and just practicing.


One of my perceptions of life in America is that everyone works hard. Most people spend a lot of their daily lives working. People spend more time working then actually living. This is a good quality for America because it shows that the country is strong and willing to work hard and get stuff done. Because America works so hard we get to reap the benefits. We are the most technologically advanced country in the world, services and goods are easily obtained, and we never have to worry about many things that other people in the world have to worry about.

Another one of my perceptions of American life is that technology plays a major role in everyone’s daily lives. Americans cannot get though a day without using some sort of technology. Many people are addicted to their electronics. Needing to check their phones and social media . We rely on technology to stay in touch, complete tasks, entertainment, and many other things. Technology is still a valuable tool that makes our daily lives easier. Still we should not abuse it and be thankful that we have it.

My last perception of life in America is we live very care free. We wake up every morning not fearing for our lives. We have very little to be afraid of. While in other parts of the world people live in constant fear. We are very lucky for the protection that we have. This can be a bad thing because we now have taken for granted this safety that has been given to us.

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