How the PreSale is going?

Today it’s a week since PreSale has started. So far we got several dozens applications from all over the world. We are very happy to get so much attention from our potential contributors right from the start. At the same time, we do not expect most applications to be paid right away. We understand that most applicants want to see how the things will be going and what will be done during PreSale period.

As for today, PreSale will be running for two more months during which we expect many interesting things to happen:

  • Full cycle alfa vesrion will be released. It will allow vendors to create “vendor smart-contracts” and “digital goods smart-contracts” and buyers to access those contracts to make a purchase.
  • We will do some networking at upcoming blockchain conferences and workshops in Moscow and (probably) Saint-Petersburg.
  • We will finish our pitch deck and present it to the public. It will allow to understand the nature in simple and intuitive way.
  • Couple more rounds of airdrops will be held. Everyone can join to get familiar with our platform and to receive some promo-tokens in the proccess.

We are optimistically looking forward to the possibilites that can deliver to the Ethereum ecosystem and crypto-community as a whole.