The Problem Might Be You
Bacon Donut

Another point that should be made.

To the boobie streamers or streamers that base their streams on their appearance and not gameplay.

  1. There is 100% an audience for you on twitch. Twitch has seen the market for attractive non gamers and endorsed it by adding talk shows and irl.
  2. There is always someone more attractive. Kissing butt, acting bubbly and flirtatious is great, until it gets old. Your is convincing viewers they mean something or have a chance with you, this doesn’t last. Unless you have more than that and looks to offer your stream will fail.
  3. Ive seen hundreds of attractive streamers come and go since justintv days. You can be successful creating gaming content if you are great at even one game. Otherwise no one will take you seriously, especially if the obvious theme of your stream is exposing every bit of breast allowed by Twitch T.O.S. and you’re terrible at minecraft.
  4. There is a sucker born every minute. Enjoy it while it lasts.