The Road to TwitchCon 2016: Call for Content & First Featured Broadcasters
Evan Freitas

Twitch, your business is taking data from the real talent and rebroadcasting it using your servers. Taking away your talent from people that support you, however long it is, to boost your brand IN ONE AREA OF THE COUNTRY, is a bad look. Common sense would tell you that. You’re not doing it for the streamers because it doesnt benefit them at all. Your own streamers, one of which dropped 1,100 subs last year, would tell you that. Everyone who cant go to it hates it and you continuing doing it just proves you dont care about people who sub on twitch for content. People who agree with me can join me in a boycott by un-subbing from streamers that participate, like you were probably going to do anyway just like last year. Join the rest showing they hate this convention and how inconsiderate it is to us.

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