The Lip List: A Muhammad Ali Reading List & Recommended Films

Muhammad Ali is the most photographed person on earth, and one of the most widely chronicled. The font of material about what made The Champ tick, features works that take various slants, some which allow the reader or viewer to make their own sum of his many paradoxes, and were written or produced by the luminaries of literature and film. For me, contemporary pieces ring most revealing. Real time Ali analysis offers backdrop free of retrospective, the cultural suspense of a crackling live wire in the street, and takes readers or viewers to a place before many shifted their sentiment regarding race pride, U.S. involvement in Vietnam, and freedom of faith. Here are worthwhile works:


Sting Like A Bee: Jose Torres

Loser And Still Champion: Budd Schulberg

Muhammad Ali: A Portrait in Words and Photographs- Wilfrid Sheed

Black Is Best: The Riddle of Cassius Clay- Jack Olsen

Cassius Clay- Claude Lewis

The Fight- Norman Mailer

The Greatest- Muhammad Ali as told to Richard Durham

Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times- Thomas Hauser


AKA Cassius Clay

Ali The Fighter, Ali The Man

Muhammad Ali: Skill, Brains And Guts

Facing Ali

Ali Rap

When We Were Kings

The People’s Champ

Bijan C. Bayne is a cultural critic, and author of Elgin Baylor: The Man Who Changed Basketball

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