The 4 Scientific Reasons Your Last Relationship Failed
Chris Danilo

I don’t think I’ve highlighted so much in one article. Completely brilliant. So worth the read.

Right now I’m in a relationship that no one believes in, but I believe in myself and my partner.

But the truth is, I struggle with all four of these things mentioned here, and even some of the solutions, even though I know they were the solutions(like listening is very hard for me for some reason) and yes, it is why my last relationship failed.

My partner and I were struggling with communicating, even today. So we’ve both read this now (maybe he’ll even comment.) and we’ve just done the “What are 5 things you appreciate about your partner? I have to say, I’m feeling better. I hope he is too.

I think everyone needs to keep this article on stand by — just in case when things get hard. I know I will.

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