What Made Me Smile This Week:

Sunday: At the end of every week when I begin to draft this again, I can’t believe I’ve done this another week and that I’m about to do it again. That thought makes me smile.

Monday: I admit, I’m writing this Tuesday morning because I was so busy yesterday I didn’t get a chance. Today is my first day back to campus after break, this is the day where I hand in all of the work I’ve done over break to avoid deferred grades, it’s out of my hands now and I’m hoping for the best. The relief at the very least of knowing I’ve done it and these people believed in me enough to not sweat whatever may come makes me smile.

Tuesday: Tuesday night I’m writing this and after the day I’ve had I consider this a victory. I’ve had a pretty good day, I have some exciting news that I can’t really post about until tomorrow / Thursday but it makes me smile.

Wednesday: My boyfriend starts his first day of work tonight his excitement makes me smile.

Thursday: My Thursday and Friday have meshed into one, I don’t know why but it makes me smile.

Friday: Today I’m taking it easy because I feel like crap. I’m hoping I’ll feel better later tonight (I’m writing this early) but if not I have tomorrow to tackle everything, knowing that I have that time makes me smile.

Saturday: The Grinch is playing both tonight and tomorrow, of course it makes me smile.

What made YOU smile this week?

Originally published at mylifeasbrittney.com on November 29, 2015.

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