What Made Me Smile This Week:

Sunday: It appears that this week will be much better than last, so hopefully this is a better post. I’m sitting on some really exciting news that I can’t say until at least Tuesday (so look out.) but I did get a lot of school work done today too, so having everything appear to be looking up and so productive makes me smile.

Monday: Even though I’m completely exhausted (and growing more so by the simplest things no matter what I do or don’t do, or how much I sleep — hopefully this resolves by the end of this week because I desperately need to be well rested. I have sent out important e-mails and caught up in two of my classes (three more to go!) This is looking more and more do-able and it makes me smile.

Tuesday: Today is far from over but it has been loaded with good news! Ricky got a job at Amazon and he starts next Wednesday (we’ve known about this but we’ve been waiting to be sure — he also has a job interview tomorrow.) Today, I accepted my first freelance job. The fact that so many people said we couldn’t make it and this week turns out to be like this makes me smile.

Wednesday: So much happened today; Ricky landed a second job, we had a nice lunch, and the prep for Thanksgiving began! I wrapped up two classes today pretty much, I’m about 70% of the way caught up on school work at this point. Even though it has been crazy stressful, getting things done and seeing it fall into place makes me smile.

Thursday: Today was Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Holidays around my house have been dramatically shortened, but it was over quickly. I even got to catch Dr. Phil and wrap up some more work. It made me smile.

Friday: I should have known things were going too good for too long — I’ll just skip that part but on a positive note, I wrapped up 95% of my school work. Which means that if I plan my Sunday-Tuesday right, tomorrow is mine. (One day out of my whole break, WOOOOW.) I suppose being 95% done is a reason to smile….while pulling your hair out. No deferred grades, though, that makes me smile.

Saturday: I can’t believe I’m writing the last of this week already. I feel like I crammed so much into this week and I am absolutely exhausted. I don’t really know what was so happy about today, I’m sort of just waiting for the bottom to fall out sadly. Catching up on all the content that piles up for months at a time through all my mediums is nice, some of it is really good — so that makes me smile.

What made YOU smile this week?

Originally published at mylifeasbrittney.com on November 29, 2015.

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