How to start a small business

The beginning of a new journey, is certainly tough for anyone. I have experienced a lot in recent months pertaining to my own personal struggles and my own career independence.

Even as I write this blog article, sitting in a coffee shop, I realize I certainly do not have all the answers for how to run a successful business. All I have learned in the past few months is that resilience is key to success. To run a business you have to be a jack of all trades. Not necessarily an expert in all field, but one has to have enough knowledge regarding advertising, law, marketing, financial budgeting, and also security.

We live in a much different age then our parents generation. With the advent of social media, blogs, and cloud storage, all personal and private information is not even controlled by your own person. This lack of control is a serious concern for any individual try to run their own firm. What I have experienced is that it is in fact a very bold, yet smart move to know all of your legislators in office, all of the state attorneys in your state. This is not meant necessarily to be a threat to any other individual, but knowing these connections protects you own interests, and the interests of your business. These connections allow a business owner to seek claims against another for damages or other trust violations. Really, it sends a message to other competitors in the market place. That even though your company may be young and just starting off, your company has certain values and core values, and that if pushed into a corner there will be push back.

Overall, this may just be a small blog post to get started, but I hope others respond back, provide feedback, and advice on how to run a small business.

Trying is the only way to success.

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