Intelligence of American Citizenry

I came back from a run in the park the other day and happened to watch a skit on TV, which was one of those Daily show comic news type shows. In one of the skits, one of the segments covered the issue surrounding the Dahlia Llama. In the skit, the host uses comedy as a platform to highlight the issues surrounding the Dahlia Llama and his legacy. This was done quite well given the tumultuous political challenges regarding the issue and region of China that is affected by the Dahlia Llama and the cause of the Tibetan people. There was of course one particularly troubling part of the show, and while it was unclear if it was staged, or whether actual American’s were interviewed, the question posed to the citizenry was of course, what does the Dahlia Llama do, and sadly no one knew the answer to the question. And herein lies the point of this particular article. Given all that has happened over the past 6 months, with the election and the drama at the white house, a burning question in my mind is whether this president, his cabinet members, and the American populous are in fact ready or even willing to engage to in real conversations regarding real issues that face this nation and the world. While there was a very clear ideological movement in this country to stop meddling in other people affairs and bring a more isolationist / protectionist tone to the nation. The consequence of these moves was that we as a nation become weaker. The in-fighting within the one political party or system is that it is a complete distraction from threats facing our nation. On top of that, the current administration can’t even maintain a stable cabinet. Positions are unfilled, and some like Jeff Sessions essentially had to resign, mostly out of incompetence or ability to answer questions properly.

The sad part in all of this, is that if the president is not aware of the real challenges facing this country, and some of the American populous aren’t even aware of or is bringing these issues to the president’s doorstep, as is highlighted by the fact no one knows who the Dahlia Llama is, then I think we have some serious problems. In fact, returning to the Dahlia Llama, the point isn’t even if one sides with the Chinese or the Tibetan Buddhists, the point is that the Dahlia Llama is a leader of a Tibetan people who were essentially invaded and controlled by the Chinese in the 1950s, and quite frankly is similar to the systematic eradication and encampment of the native Americans in Unites States back in the 19th century. The Dahlia Llama fled the country and speaks to many world leaders about his people, but also about completely trivial things like yoga. I am not going to go further in this post regarding the politics between the Dahlia Llama and Chinese government, but what I will go on to mention that many countries outside the US still look to the US for guidance and leadership, and quite frankly help. If you think of it, Tibet is similar to Syria and North Korea in terms of human rights violations. The distinction of course is Tibet is not ruled by a dictator, but rather a Buddhist monk preaching Hinduism beliefs. And the question that remains of course, is if other places like Tibet, or other nations are asking for help, but receive none, how will America been viewed over the next 4 years in this administration. Again, I am not advocating any one side of any political spectrum, I would like to keep this post fairly neutral. The point however, is there has been no discussion of anything outside of whether Trump or his team spoke to Russian officials before the election. News flash, who cares? He’s president now, but instead of getting caught up in this nonsense, why not massively protest issues regarding healthcare reform, or infrastructure fixes to the country, and raise questions on how quality jobs (and I stress quality) are actually going to return to the nation. And the biggest question of all of course is who is going to foot the bill? Probably not the local barista at the coffee through tax increases, rather there should be this discussion of changing the tax-law on those who make over $3000,000 a year regardless of the financial situation. And the top 1% should really look at the Bill Gates and Warren Buffets of the world, who are not only the richest men in the free world, but in fact give a significant portion of their wealth back to the community, and probably some of the happiest. Just some food for thought.

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