This ad is a picture JJ Wat, a defensive and football play, who has a Gatorade energy bar in his mouth and other different bars I front of him. Above him it says, “Never let hunger get in the way of your game”, meaning by eating this energy bar your game will not be changed by your hunger at all. Overall, this ad shows people the need to dominate by having a jacked football star as their spokesman and by doing so they would like to be like him.

First of all, the viewer sees the jacked football player, JJ Wat, infront of them with his mouth wide open and a Gatorade energy bar in his mouth. From this it gives the viewer the image of him screaming and sends the message of him destroying his competition or just showing how fierce he is. This shows the need of dominance because of the player’s history/ name and the pose he is making looks like he just won the Super Bowl. With is mouth wide open he has the energy bar in it and has the quote above him, “Never let hunger get in the way of your game.” From this it gives the image if the viewer eats this they will become just like JJ Wat and persuades them even more to but it.

This ad appeals to everyone but especially to athletes due to Gatorade being being associated with sports and an athlete as their main symbol of their ad. This especially appeals to males telling them that they can be like JJ Wat if they buy this product. The people who already buy this product are usually athletes who need energy before their game. So Gatorade is filling this need with their energy bars and by making this ad it gives opportunities to other people who need energy to see this ad and get some energy.

With this ad having a need for dominating it also fills a need that athletes has and by doing this ad could have great potential. Also if there are athletes who has a need Gatorade will be able to fill it.

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