Design Trend: Product Promotion with Isometric Shadows

There are plenty of posts about the trend of long shadows focused on interface elements, typography and logos. Something we’ve noticed recently is the use of long shadows in photography used to promote physical products.


We got talking about Soylent as a rational solution to a seemingly irrational human condition — the burden of preparing food.

The promotional imagery was a breath of fresh air compared to the regular lifeless images of the product often subject to when shopping or researching online. Bold colors, isometric angles and strong compositions. Solent has done a great job of delivering an aesthetic across their product range. It’s a mix of futuristic, sterile, playful, & professional.

Natural elements such as chocolate, plants and strawberries bring an element of realism into the otherwise pop-art-like compositions.

Shadows like this are not of this world
There’s a healthy dose of humanoid robot feel in to this look.

The New Yorker

This inside-back-page ad uses the same isometric bold crisp shadows. This time the palette and aesthetic is more mad men than dystopian future.

Warmer hues and the beautiful NY typography give this illustration a timeless classic vibe


Similar bold color palette to Soylent, geometric nod with the cube, but this time softening the shadows for a much less geometric product — pants aren’t rectangles or simple bottle shapes.

Any more?

Seen any other isometric shadows? Let me know and I’ll add them.