What’s the best app on your phone?

Not the best designed. Not the coolest. Not the one with the best update notes. Not even the one you use the most.

Not your generic social network app of choice. Not FB/Snap/Insta/YouTube. Not video content only apps. Not Hulu/Netflix. Nothing with the “Essentials” designation in the App Store.

What’s left?

Are there any which have survived multiple phone upgrades and Home Screen cleanups? Any that are still enjoyable years after their first install? Any which you tell friends about with a twinkle in your eye?

For me, it’s OLO. A 2012 release that was last updated more than a year ago. It’s a paid app and there are no in app purchases.

Losing 5–2 to a 6 year old

Why? Countless games vs. my 6 and 4 year olds over the years. Watching their strategy and skills develop within a beautiful, delightful, intuitive UI is a joy. It’s easily my favorite application of the increased real-estate on the iPad Pro. They’re learning to lose, learning to win. Learning that a quick game is a good way conclude breakfast.

When the churn in the App Store is so high, it’s Apps like OLO which give me hope that the digital experiences we develop are an opportunity to impact lives and achieve a permanency of some sort.

So, what’s the best app on your phone?