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People say “God Bless America!” I say, “God Bless these Americans with Good Sense!”

Yes…God, grace our unholy nation free from sin!

Is it really that hard to see that where all the same? That we live on this same rock floating through space? That if you cut anyone they will bleed red? If you study their DNA it’s all the same base pairs occur when nitrogenous bases make hydrogen bonds with each other? We all need air! We all need water!

We all just a little more of God in this hell bound nation!

This is terrible, it seems people who can’t accept diversity have lost their minds. Now they turn to destroying and blowing stuff up? Violence is never the answer, but peace cannot be achieved without action. Protest achievements leads to open doors for greater matters.

Maybe if we can, let’s all sit down and talk about diversity? Talk about what you feel and why a certain group of people threaten you. Deep down people who fear diversity just have some problems mostly mental bias they need to come clean about. Only then can healing begin, if we can cleanse the mind of every misguided soul.

Then America can learn to love and embrace our differences. Our Diversity is unique and that’s what makes us great — when we combine our new ideas.

From the hating fire that burns us to our knees, out of the ashes will rise a lovely colorful array of diversity and acceptance. We have to start somewhere, we have to suck it up and look past our differences, we have to not be afraid to hold our fellow American’s hand.

Hold your hands out for everyone to grab and coddle so that we — “Americans” — can support and help each other up!

Immigrants build America! Together we can do amazing incredible things! All it takes is a few hints of will power as we come together in brotherhood. It might be a long way to cross the finish line, but by working together we can create a place of equality where there is no fear of diversity!

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