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People who are pro-life and pro-death penalty are a special kind of stupid.

I mean you wanna save lives but you want to kill people at the same time? That doesn’t make any sense. Of course I agree their should be special cases where the death penalty should be used like for murder. But how can a person want pro-life and still support death?You’re either one way or another way. If you are pro-life then you should never want to kill people since your argument is all life deserves a chance, yet people make one mistake and you wanna kill them? What if they change their ways?

My other problem is in cases where a woman gets raped and falls pregnant — -What person would want to carry around the child of their rapist?! In cases like that pro-life is very annoying. In fact most people who use birth control, ect, can’t afford a child which is why they use protection and when accidents happen, people who are pro-life still want them to keep that child and let them grow up in poverty. Also they wanna cut food stamps and social security??? That’s not smart. If you’re gonna force a woman to have a child at least give them a much needed care plan to raise the child.

Also if you’re pro-life atleast understand that their are extremely bad situations where the baby might be killing the mother and she has to get an abortion to save her life. Or even if the child is sick and the doctor says it probably won’t live past a month. These are all cases where abortion is needed.

I don’t care what your religion says about it. If you can’t get an abortion that’s on you. Don’t try and take away other people’s rights to abortion. That’s not fair, that’s not equality! Everyone should have a right to choose.

People shouldn’t mix religion in politics.

I don’t care who you are, if your religion says you can’t kill a baby then when you get pregnant don’t kill your child. Yet don’t stop someone else from getting an abortion when they need it. If you want to save lives and are pro-life ACTUALLY GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY! Help people living on food stamps, help feed the homeless, spread words of job openings so people can actually LIVE THEIR LIFE.

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