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Pure hypocrisy at it’s finest that he campaigned all about staying out of war and how America needs to keep to ourselves. Yet now here he goes stirring up trouble and barely even batting an eyelash at what he’s conjured. If he wants to throw raw meat and bait North Korea and Syria like a bunch of wild animals, then watch them get upset and pissed off but then when they come to threaten attack run off — like some sorta scared zoo keeper, that’s not okay. Trump claimed he would keep us out of war, but guess we all knew that was a lie. I’m not even shocked with what’s going on right now. He can’t keep his mouth shut long enough to actually make a good decision that won’t put our troops in harms way. He puts lives on the line with all his reckless actions; they aren’t clearly even given enough time to be thoughtful of the side effects of such motions. Look, Trump is not smarter than the military generals and if anything he needs to step back and let the generals do their job. Let them do what they have to do to keep America safe, since there way has been working and not dragging us into another world war which is what basically Trump is on the boarders of doing. Yet does he even care or seem concerned? No, why should he? Not like he has any family over seas on a military base at all. All his family has secret service protection up in DC with him. He goes off golfing while the tensions are only growing. Honestly, it seems he’s not gonna grow into the position of a proper commander and chief.

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