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This is why America will become huge JOKE TO THE REST OF THE WORLD.

Just look who is representing us!? A man who doesn’t go to intelligence briefings or believe American intelligence agents about Russian hacking. On top of that he can’t even remember the tweets he first sent in July. I get that he’s old but is his memory really that far gone? Trump has turned politics into a reality tv show, filled with nonsense and jokes. Watching him react to everything thrown at him is amusing. Just like watching his supporters try and defend him. His and his transition “team” and his “cabinet” is going to make us not only a laughable place but will more than likely witness their own downfall causing a rippling chain reaction. While his supporters like a bunch of cheerleaders (just like Hitler had) praise him as he tries to take over the world. Trump has no temperament. His supporters have no temperament, that’s why they all have to respond when they get shade thrown on them. They don’t don’t care it makes them look worst — they wanna be just like their leader.

That’s our problem, Trump supporters look up to Trump. They wanna be JUST like him, and that’s a sad and scary thought. That so many people don’t care about racism or equality not even homophobia! They just want Trump because he’s a rich heterosexual white man. The old school definition of the American dream. That’s why they want ‘again’ in the past. To a time they thought America was great, when America never was since it was built off the backs of others.

Other countries will mock us for the next 4 years and laugh at our innermost turmoil in our government. Then they will be bewildered at our division in the country that is along the lines of hope and disparity. As result of our short comings the lines will be split even deeper cracking our dreams till they shatter.

If people want a plan, it’s not to get rid of Trump. It’s to rid the world of that deep dark hateful way of thinking. In fact we need Trump in office, we need him to be the new lowest of the low, he and all this madness NEEDS TO GO DOWN IN THE HISTORY BOOKS!

He will be so mad at the fact the books will say, “ In this 2016 election of Donald Trump, there was evidence that backed up the suspicion of Russian hacking to rig the odds in his favor.”

He just like his supporters can’t handle when it makes them look bad. That’s why they go online and troll. To wipe off the heaviness of hate in their heart all over you. We need to love each other. You can love without respect. Each time someone responds in a smart ass way to piss you off — don’t be a joke and respond — act with dignity and pose. Brush it off, make the world a better place by healing and lifting each other up! That’s the best way to fight Trump and his goons. Not make a complete fools of yourself like they do.

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