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For one I love this article and it preaches so much of the truth and what needs to happen. Yet as I scroll down the responses, I see one thing we left out,

Loving each other….

Yes, if we keep pointing them out as obvious racist homophobic people they will get mad. So we as people of class and dignity need to think of a more intelligent way of going out about the matter. Trump and his supporters will hate and defend their candidates actions till the bitter end due to the rage in their hearts.

As our first lady Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go high.”

We can keep calling Trump supporters stupid idiots that they are. We can keep calling them other names, but it solves nothing. Neither do them calling us names. We are all the same no matter race, gender or sexuality. At the end of the day we all bleed red and we all till are very last breath are chasing after life trying to beat death.

People who support Trump have their own personal problems within themselves they need to address. They don’t want to be called out for their insecurities just like you don’t.

Anyone can tell Trump won off growing a seed of hatred and evil, wanting to register Muslims and build a wall. It takes a strong noble person not to bite back and take the raw meat bait Trump trolls want to throw.

  • They want to see you mad.
  • They want to see you angry.
  • They want you to pull some stupid shit because bringing down others is the only way they feel good about themselves.
  • They want you to become as torn up self centered and hate everyone just like them.

True as being a journalist we must know people won’t agree with us or our words at most time our 1st Amendment gives everyone free speech even Trump supporters. We as a human race must learn to stop resenting one another for who they support.

You don’t have to respect Trump voters, but don’t hate them. Trump voters don’t have to respect you, but they shouldn’t hate you.

Leaving stupid hate comments some people call “facts” are immature and childish, it’s like some people just like their president is a man-child. They want to defend Trump because they fear themselves what might happen, if we all START LOVING EACH OTHER.

If we spread the love there will be no where to run and all sins will spiral out into the light. The problem is not in our actions but in our mind set. Not one person here on this earth thinks the same. They have their rights and we have ours, bringing people down solves nothing.

Trump supporters will learn this soon, they will learn their hate can’t break the truth of who they voted for or the fact they decided to defend a monster. We don’t have to respond about their wrong choice that will forever haunt them of what’s staring them right in the eyes when they wake up to see that same hand they voted for Trump with.

That’s not our job, we don’t call them out their name, the title, “Trump supporter.” Speaks for itself. We know what they are, they know what they are.

So lets all love each other and move on with our lives and name calling, I don’t hate Trump supporters. I just don’t respect them, for their decision to support such a candidate who ran on such a hateful campaign. But I will never respond to them rudely, or be a smart ass and throw shade.

I am a humble African American woman with brains who will never fire back at hate geared people with more hate. A hate argument is useless to both sides in the first place, both are too narrow minded to see through their bars of rage, their wings are clipped and their feet are tied held down by a rock of self inflicted pain created by their own uncertainty. It’s completely insane why anyone do such things to take the time out their day to comment “facts” in their own hateful way. Promoting division shaming the stance of equality. Politics is not a game of whats wrong and what’s right, it’s about making sure every individual is treated as a normal human being even when having a conversation about politics like this.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all love each other? And not go around spreading salt? If we could remember we’re all the same no matter who you voted for no one has the right to insult people.