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We might have freedom of speech but unfortunately major consequences happen when you fight the power. That’s just the thrill of being a journalist, knowing that every word you write and publish there will be backlash. Some good positivity and some negative. Over time you learn to such it up and face the catastrophe in the web of false hope that everything you say people won’t agree with you and will go to the very end to delegitimize you. This man was speaking his mind not worried about which ever way the wind will blow or by their words leaving their mind might trigger others. True, it’s a struggle but in the end so is independence! It doesn’t matter what happens the point is never stop preaching or exposing the truth, that’s a journalist job after all. All journalists like me, just a bunch of mice trying to get a bite of the big cheese we call a killer story. Sometimes the broom hits and crushes us — yet sometimes we get a small piece and it explodes in our face. It’s part of the never ending cycle of writing and striving for new ideas. Backlash is just part of our job, but however the extreme to being fired is not okay. No one should be fired for the use of their first amendment rights.