What does this pampers ad mean to you?

This ad is showing a mother laying in a hospital bed holding a newborn baby on her chest. The mother is smiling and looks happy to be holding the baby. Her hand is showing behind the baby is a protective comforting way. The baby is only wearing a big fluffy white diaper, the mom and baby both still have hospital bands on. The first words you notice are “ Love at first touch”. These stand out and make the viewer realize this mother loves her baby very much. This ad clearly uses the need to Nuture and it is effective because it draws to new mothers.

This ad uses the need to nuture. By including the words “ #1 choice of hospitals”, the ad is making the buyer feel very satisfied in their product choice, which then let’s them know this is the right choice for their babies. The ad also shows a picture of a new baby and a mother in a hospital bed to show that this product is soft and safe enough for a baby that is only a few days old. This ad clearly uses specific arrangement. Looking at the image the first thing you see is the mother holding the baby, then you see the simple words “ love at first touch.” This is purposefully done to remphasize the idea that this product is safe enough to use on a newborn baby. The product also uses certain placement. By placing the camera even with the woman, you are looking straight toward her. Doing this makes the viewer feel more intimate with the ad. This angle makes it feel like you are there with the woman. Another strategy used was to include their company logo and slogan in the bottom right corner. That is the least looked at area of advertisements, including their icon here makes the viewer have to look in that corner to see whose product is being advertised.

This ad is targeted at new mothers. Specifically women age 25–40. The ad is simple and eye pleasing. The focus of the ad is the baby and the happiness of the mother. Parents are typically protective of their kids and want the very best for their kids. Mothers especially want their babies to use totally safe and trusted products. This ad reaches to this demographic by specifying that this product is the #1 choice. It also depicts a picture of a mother on the ad so the women of this age group can relate and make a connection with the fact that other moms use this.

Overall, this ad uses the strategy “need to nuture” because the product is for new moms. It is important that this product is tested and completely comfortable and safe. The ad uses good strategies to portray this. The visual is perfect, a new mom still in a hospital bed shows that this product is safe enough for new borns. The header is easy to see and very comforting. The slogan and logo are well known and make the product seem very trustable. The viewer should walk away knowing that pampers have safest and most comfortable diapers for babies.

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