Eavesdropping on Dentists

Everyone loves that social dentist that talks about his or her life, while you sit in the chair helplessly not able to say a word. Maybe this is the time, for those who listen truly do learn the most. Whether I wanted to or not I sat in that weird chair and bright light for 45 minutes while she poked me with sharp dental tools and mentioned that I should floss more because my gums are sensitive. Yes, no shit, this is what happens when you poke me with sharp metal tools. But this isn’t the point. The point comes back to truly listening to peoples story. In that 45 minutes of listening I picked up a few things that most people would may not have picked up. First for any entrepreneur, engineer, or dentist out there, can we please create better dental tools. If you truly listen, you pick up things without ever asking a single question. Why? Well, most people love to tell their own story and hear their own voice. I learned that she has two kids, a dog, where she lives what her house looks like. I learned where her husband is from, where she is going on vacation, how she became a dental assistant. She told me all the good and the bad. This is the coolest part, if you have ever listened to someone talk about things that are going good in their life. Their tone changes from when they are talking about something that is depressing or not going so well. For a dental assistant she was quite talkative, however, it made the poking and scratching of my teeth that less annoying and painful. She also gave me ideas of things that could be improved in the dental industry. All I had to do was simply ask what she liked and did not like about her job. From one question she gave me so many ideas. If you are stuck in your life not knowing what you want to do, maybe you should stop talking for a second and listen. When it is your turn to talk ask great questions and you will get great answers.