Learning From Preston Ely

For those of you who don’t know who Preston Ely is, I suggest checking him out. An incredible entrepreneur, with a truly amazing story. The seven things he suggests to do to become successful is quite an interesting list. First he mentions to stop liking sleep even a little bit. I find this moving, not because we shouldn’t sleep but he is right we should be living a life that we love and should not be so excited to sleep, we should be excited to live and do things everyday that benefit our self and society. The second thing he lists should be a common thing goal we should all shoot for, he says “be the best”. Why go through life not trying to be the best that we could possibly be in all aspects of our life. We should work on ourselves everyday our mind, our skills and definitely our bodies. The next thing Preston mentions is that we need to value our production over our playtime. What are we really living for if we are not putting work into everything that should matter, our health, our work, and our relationships. It should be at least a 6:1 ratio of work to play. Drive a sports car. They say money cant buy happiness? Have you ever seen someone upset that drives a Ferrari. I didn’t think so. Lastly don’t spend money on things that don’t make you money, spend money on things that do make you money in return and with that money give to those that are less fortunate. Why not? Be the best person you can be.