Millionaire Mindset

First things first, ignore the traditional industries. Becoming a doctor or a lawyer is not going to make you a millionaire in the next ten years. In these professions there is a earning ceiling as well as debt from the years spent in school. Focus on the newer industries, the industries that truly are adding value to the people. If you are interested in helping millions of lives become dedicated to becoming the best. Don’t worry about money, just focus on being the best in your industry. Make sure you provide the best product or the best service. While doing this do not be stupid, continue to educate yourself on the things you do not know. Study, read, and learn about money, health, relationships, everything that will better your life, and do this as much as possible. To have a millionaire mindset, stop thinking of working 9–5 and start working 15–18 hours a day. Work on yourself, your business and the other people you influence. Be willing to make the sacrifices, stop hanging out with friends and family so much, start working toward success in your own life. Realize that no matter what, life will never be a perfect balance. Focus on things you have a passion for. Focus on making your passion a career, because with a passion comes an insane amount of work. With an insane amount of smart work, done in the right place and time this may make you the next millionaire.