The Power of Growth Hacking

Growth hackers, the time is now. If you have heard of marketing, and haven’t heard of growth hacking, you’re behind the curve. Growth hacking doesn’t see marketing as something one does yet what one builds into the product itself. In today’s technology age marketing is changing and reaching customers has become easier with email, data, and social media. Growth hackers aren’t worried about reaching every person in the market they focus on targeting a specific audience they know who you are and where their customers are going to be. According to the product market fit we need to stop spending so much money on advertising for products that don’t get looked at and we need to start making stuff people want. If we stop for a second, start focusing on the product, the product may just sell itself. Marketers beware stop using old methodologies and start adapting the growth hack methods, use blogs, ask customers, refine your product, use analytics, and for more information regarding growth hacking I would suggest “Growth Hack Marketing” by: Ryan Holiday.