Gramp’s Guide to the Internet

Hi Grandpa, welcome to the internet. This thing you’re reading this on is called a website. It’s one of the most key features of the internet. It’s like a book but you can edit it anytime you want with anything you’d like.

A website is a document that can be accessed through the Internet. It can contain anything from text to animations to pictures. It’s like a book or a painting but can only be access through the Internet. But most of these websites are connected to a server. A server is a computer designed to take requests and give information. Think of a server like a teacher, you ask the teacher some questions then the teacher gives back information to you. A bunch of these servers together is called a network. A network can help a lot when a bunch of people are trying to visit your website. Networks can share information with each other, can allow or deny electronic devices, and also exchange files.

The thing you’re on right now is called a browser. A browser is a software that is used to find websites. It’s like a table of contents. These browsers are all over electronic devices, from this Computer, to your iPhone, so you can use the Internet even from your fingertips! But in order to get to these servers, you need an internet connection! So how do we do that? You can get a modem! A modem is a program that allows the computer to send data over. just like a telephone or land lines. You’ll also need a router. A router helps send information, or “packets”, to the networks and then the networks send information back, which is why you can see this article right now!

So the modem sends info to the router, then the router sends the info to the network, then the network gets the information that was requested by the router then sends it back and finally shows it on your computer screen. All that happens in a millisecond depending on your modem speed.

Security & Being Safe

The internet is not all friends and family Gramps. There are a lot of bad people out there, trying to take advantage of old people who don’t understand anything about the Internet and how it works. So here’s how to be safe while browsing.

Don’t trust Pop-Ups. When you see a website or a little notification that pops up that you are not familiar with, don’t click anything. Those are fake sites that try to trick into thinking you won something like “YOU WON A FREE IPAD, CLICK HERE TO CLAIM!” Use common sense. Would you really think someone would give you a free iPad if you never did anything?

Use a password for everything. When you’re setting up the Wi-Fi network, make sure to set a strong password and that is very easy to remember. A strong password would contain numbers, symbols, and capital letters. This makes it very hard for the attacker to guess your password. If you forget a lot, make sure to write down the password on a piece of paper and put it somewhere where it is easily accessible.

Enable the Firewall. Firewalls are VERY important. They help secure your network from viruses and malware that could possibly infect the network. You can enable the firewall in the router’s settings.

Update the Firmware. Always update the firmware. Firmware updates are usually what make the router more secure and better. So update it everytime there is an update so you can be secure.

Install an Anti-Virus on your computer. An anti-virus program is a good way of making your computer safe from viruses that can be damaging your computer. It will tell you if there is something suspicious going on in your computer. They cost a little bit of money, but it is worth it!

Anyways, enjoy the internet and be safe!

It’s you! You’re learning how to use the World Wide Web!