A few days ago, I started to write my big ideas on how we should improve development and operability down on paper (technically on a Confluence wiki page). Several surprising things happened:

  1. Felt relieved. A few weeks ago, I joined a new program and was in a lot of ways left to define how to add value to that program. Every stone I flipped over, I kept internalizing things our teams should start doing and stop doing. Internalizing these things made me tired. Writing them down helped me to get it off my mind without being passive aggressive with teams…

Everyone knows how to Docker, right? Here is a typical scenario below.

# Build an Image
(docker) $ docker build -t bdangit/helloworld .
# Run an Image
(docker) $ docker run bdangit/helloworld

Here is how we can do it with Habitat.

# Build an Image
(habitat) $ hab build helloworld
# Run an Image
(habitat) $ hab start bdangit/helloworld

Now…You might be wondering why should I use Habitat, when it appears to do a few things similar to Docker.

The reason is that running a binary is pretty easy, but when you are tasked to start managing that thing you…

Ben Dang

Love to automate #allthethings

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