Ok, so after my slip up this past weekend I was pretty back on track on Monday. I felt pretty good all day, but I didn’t feel 100% during our workout.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning…I go to weigh out my turkey for the day’s snacks and realize I don’t have enough. I figure, whatever, it’s just one day, but when I tell you I wanted to body slam someone around 6pm from being so hungry, I mean it sincerely. I met a friend and his girlfriend for a double-date at Good King, and completely read “Steak Frites” — as I was served 4 tiny pieces of medium rare steak buried under a pile of fries covered in what my friend described as “crack dust”…just what I needed.

It really is crazy how your body chemistry changes after you start a diet like the one we’ve committed ourselves to this month. If you’re just a few days off track, you’re ruined…not ruined, but discouraged. I had another battle today, as it was my friend’s last day at work and he wanted to get some pizza. I ate 2 slices, completely ignored my snacks, and got destroyed at CrossFit. I lifted poorly, I couldn’t focus, and I felt extremely weak. Not good.

I did, however, make sure hit the grocery store after CrossFit, and make sure I’m fully stocked for the next few days. I also just placed my second order at Kettlebell Kitchen, and if you’re not familiar, it’s great for people like myself that don’t get home until ~9pm and don’t have a lot of time to prep food every night. I highly recommend it, the food is great. They deliver fresh, locally sourced a la carte meals fo Penns Landing 2x/week.

I think it’s really important for everyone to realize that what we’re doing is difficulty. There will always be room to improve, and get better, and work harder. We’re not even half way through this, and I already feel great despite the garbage I put into my body over the past 3–4 days. At the same wedding that started this snowball effect, my suit was falling off my body because of how my body has been changing over the past few months.

It’s easy to beat ourselves up when we mess up, but we also have to give ourselves a little bit of credit.

I’m gonna keep working hard…tomorrow is another day.

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