Every Episode of Star Wars, Ranked
Garrett Foster

Great stuff!

I’m glad someone else feels that way about Episode II. I didn’t find the love affair convincing, and Anakin’s trip to the dark side seemed way too easy. The thing I loved about The Force Awakens was Driver’s portrayal of the gripping pain of being consumed by the dark side. That was how I always felt it should be. A Jedi doesn’t just go and kill an entire tribe because he’s jealous or sad or angry; he kills a tribe because of a gut wrenching psychosis where killing women and children is the only way to stop his brain from burning and in his mind it starts to make sense.

I expect that, like me, a lot of Star Wars fans have re-written the prequels in their minds and most of them are pretty dark. We’re talking about the making of Darth fucking Vader, it isn’t supposed to be pretty!

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