Is America (Really) Collapsing?
umair haque

Having grown up with race riots, gas lines, “crime waves”, National Guard shooting college students, stagflation, Watergate, big city blackouts, cities thick with smog and rivers on fire..(this could go on and on), I see that much of this “collapse” begins with an assumption that the past was really better than it was.

As a Portlander, I feel no affinity to Oklahoma (where my family lives), but I am exposed to their viewpoints. They see the country very differently from the way we see it. The problems aren’t so different from what you wrote about last year, and while you believe that Americans agree with your solutions, that isn’t how Americans voted.

I’ve increasingly come to believe that we would wind down the federal government as much as possible. There has never been much trust in them to begin with, and now there is little consensus in what they should do. States can provide better representation, and will have more consensus on how things should be run.

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