We are not your “Learning Experience”
Jameelah Jones

I went to that other Kansas university that shall not be named, decades ago.

Coming from a small all-white town, it was great to meet people from different backgrounds and even other countries, to work together on projects and chat between classes.It was more co-existence than inclusion, but I think there was value in the interactions alone. Maybe for everyone? Knowing each other makes things personal. At least it is a start.

Many (perhaps most) white people aren’t just going to go actively seeking information on the privilege , power, and entitlement they enjoy, because it’s uncomfortable and they really don’t want to believe it. I know those are shitty reasons, but they are real and it is just that easy for them. They aren’t seeking awareness, and separation just makes it all the more easy to think, ‘I have to study and work hard and I don’t even know if I’ll find a job - how can I be privileged?’

Whatever is there to make them more aware isn’t working, and maybe never has. They might be more inclined to do it on their own when they actually know the people they’re affecting. Maybe that is where more emphasis is needed?

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