The Trump Generation — How today’s young will change the world
Ben Chapman

Keep in mind, the older generation came from the hippies in the 60s. They wanted to teach the world to love. They protested to clean up the air and water, and got laws passed for that. They protested over horrible crimes, and they still remember days like the one in which four students were shot dead at a protest in Ohio (if you ever hear the song “Ohio”, that’s what it’s about).

And yet many of that generation voted for Trump. Why? Because Trump made big promises. They didn’t actually trust him from what I’ve read, but Hillary wasn’t making any commitments to them at all (and they didn’t really trust her either). They felt like America wasn’t functioning well and many wanted to just try something different (thinking it couldn’t get any worse). And still nearly half of us voted for Clinton.

But you’re absolutely right about one thing: voting matters. The voting rate for younger adults was, as usual, atrocious. Change that, and you will change everything. And you don’t have to wait until you’re old.