Positive impacts of taking a hiatus from * media

A few weeks ago, I posted something on my Facebook feed which was poorly timed. A massive flood of unhappy and flabbergasted (about my original post) comments and phone calls from people whom I respect and consider friends grew quickly.

I apologized for the poor timing of my post on Facebook, removed it, and meditated on this experience, then slept.

The next morning I awoke and realized that it was time to take a hiatus from social, mass, and popular media.

The following items are changes and observations in my perception since making this decision…

1. I allowed media to influence my attitude which in turn dictates my perception. My perception of the world around me has improved since unplugging.

2. My sleep is more important than my digital social life or the world around me.

3. I am happier when I am healthier and I am healthier when the negativity of social, popular, and mass media is not influencing my mental state.

4. Others may not share my views, but that is OK.

5. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. I used to add my “comments from the peanut gallery” which typically didn’t add any value and rather represented my disgust or unhappiness about something. Being positive is easier when the flood of negativity in the world is not “in my face daily”.

6. I enjoy going places and doing things more now than I did before. Because I do not feel the “competitive pressure” which social media encourages for sharing, checkins, etc…

7. I cannot change who I am, only how I choose to interact with those around me. Social, popular, and mass media do not necessarily improve how I interact with those around me.

8. A reduced amount of worrying, focusing on the positive more in all situations, and a growing unburdening feeling of happiness.

9. A pause is more effective than 100 words, and absence makes the heart grow fonder.

10. Focusing more upon myself and my immediate needs is more important than trying to keep up with everything happening to the lives of my friends and family. If they need me to be involved, they know how to contact me.