[UPDATE as of March 25, 2021: Fully Customizable Video SDK is now simply “Zoom Video SDK”, please make note when reading]

In today’s product keynote at Zoomtopia 2020, we announced a new “Fully Customizable Video” enhancement to Zoom SDK.

This new Fully Customizable SDK will be available by the end of October, and enhances our Zoom SDK offerings enabling developers to bring more of Zoom’s high-quality video, audio, instant chat, and other interactive features right into your products and apps.

Which Zoom SDK solution best fits your needs?

With Zoom SDK, there are more options than ever for developing video-based apps:

Participation was good for the inaugural Zoom Developer Survey. The information you provided helps guide questions, influence decisions, and makes a positive impact on the future for the Zoom Developer Community.

A HUGE thanks to all Zoom Developers who spent some of their precious time to contribute their insights and information!

I spent some time investigating the data and wanted to share what I learned about the Zoom Developer Community from the 2020 Developer Survey data.


We asked developers, who have built apps using the Zoom Marketplace and Developer Platform about their work, their development preferences, their uses of Zoom…

In accordance with the removal of the Attention Tracking feature in Zoom, we have made the following breaking changes to the V2 REST API effective upon the release April 3rd, 2020:

  1. Deprecating “attentiveness_score” field in Meeting, Webinar Participants Report APIs. The API Responses to your requests on the following APIs will always return an empty value for the (“attentiveness_score”) field.

2. Deprecating “attention_tracking” field in User, Group, and Account APIs. The API Responses to your GET requests on the following APIs will always return a “false” value.

The Zoom Developer Show!

Join Michael Harrington and Shrijana Ghimire as they host the debut webinar episode of the Zoom Developer Show on April 9, 2020 at 11am PT!

Dustin McCormick, CTO of DocketHQ, will be sharing his team’s developer experience building a chatbot with Zoom.

Tommy Gaessler and Zach Zhenggan will be unveiling a new developer tool for quickly building chatbots to work with Zoom Chat, and demoing it in action!

We have time scheduled to field your developer-focused questions, and we’ll have some fun too!

Register Today: https://success.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_iwEN8qFvSg-4z-XLle57fg

To ensure Zoom’s V2 REST API continues powering your business automations and Marketplace apps at scale, we will be releasing new V2 REST API Rate Limits in March 2020!

What‘s wrong with current V2 API Rate Limits?

Zoom’s Platform Engineering Team continually monitors activity and usage of our APIs for all our customers. Last year, we identified the need to improve the current “one-size-fits-all” V2 API Rate Limits to continue satisfying customer demand of our V2 API.

screenshot of the Zoom V2 REST API Rate Limits as of Feb 2020.
Screenshot of current global Rate Limits as published on Zoom Developer Docs in Feb 2020

Current V2 API Rate Limits are the same for all Zoom Plans with access to the API: Pro, Business, Enterprise, and so on as published in the Zoom Developer Docs. …

Highlights of what Zoom recently released for Marketplace users and developers, as well as a few important roadmap items for you…

What’s New on Zoom Marketplace?

You may have noticed some changes to the Zoom App Marketplace released over the past few months, but here’s a recap of a few of the important items…in case you missed them:

  • New Categories for Your Published Marketplace Apps — To help our customers find your app, we added new functional app categories. Review our best practice documentation about putting together your app page and to determine the right category for your app!
  • New App URLs for Published Apps

Are you considering developing a chat app to operate with ZoomChat? This blog post will introduce you to new tools for developers that will save you time and help you to code happy!

Zoom Chat is a robust business messaging product built-in to the Zoom client, and available at no extra charge to all Zoom customer plans. Because users keep the Zoom client open while working, developers have a strong business case to develop Zoom chat apps that provide either handy notifications, or time-saving custom chat commands.

Before today, developers typically built their own app code framework from the ground-up…

TOOL once again has created a new masterpiece with their first album in over 13 years, Fear Innoculum (now available on Amazon Music)! The band explores new heights as they introduce the synthetic as a new weapon in their audiphonic arsenal of delights.

Pneuma and 7empest are the songs hungry TOOL fans have been foaming at the mouth to taste again, but for TOOL as artists these almost feel too familiar without expansion or exploration of new possibilities from their craft. Regardless, they are heavy, and powerful tracks that rock with absolute delight!

With six of the ten song album…

From concept to complete, the high-level process of developing and launching a Zoom Marketplace app! Image courtesy of https://pixabay.com/photos/kanban-work-work-process-organize-4051777/

The Developer Advocate team responsible for the Zoom App Marketplace strives to consistently create the absolute best possible developer experience every day!

This blog post aims to operationalize this very frequent 1:1 meeting request at scale for developers who are new to Zoom Developer Platform and our App Marketplace!

The Six (6) Step Zoom App Marketplace Listing Process

  1. Get Familiar with the Zoom App Marketplace
    Take a few minutes to see the other apps already published on the Zoom App Marketplace. Then once you know what you want to develop, visit https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/about-marketplace/introducing-marketplace and read the docs to get familiar with our…

Ahhh…spring. Birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and keyboards are clacking.

That’s right! Spring has sprung and the Zoom Marketplace and Developer Platform are popping with new updates and features just for you!

Pre-Approval Request Improvements

So many customers and developers have been confused by Marketplace app’s Pre-Approval process, and I think everyone is going to love the new improvements!

Pre-Approval is a security mechanism of Zoom App Marketplace that prohibits non-admin users on your Zoom account from being able to install apps from Marketplace without one of your Zoom account Admins first reviewing the app and then “Pre-Approving” the app.


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