New and shiny things Adobe engineers are looking at.

The holiday season is (almost) upon us so we are grouping our November and December editions in a single one, and publishing it early in the month, before things get slower.

Let’s use our VR Tech Radar to look at our industry (Adobe Stock)

A lot has happened since our last Tech Radar: the .org domain registry being up for sale, a strong conference season including contributions from many Adobe engineers and the myriad technologies and tools around The Cloud competing for our attention.

We’ll do our best to summarize the most important things in this Tech Radar, read on!

The Cloud

At, William Morgan…

New and shiny things Adobe engineers are looking at.

Here’s our monthly digest of links and stories that piqued our interest lately. Make sure to have a look at the previous editions of our Tech Radar if you missed them!

Events and conferences

Nanjala Nyabola at ApacheCon — Photo: Jan Michalko / plain schwarz

The European edition of the ApacheCON conference took place last week in Berlin, Germany, at the iconic Kulturbrauerei. Highlights include a Founder’s Panel with a few Apache Software Foundation Founders telling their stories; an inspiring keynote by Nanjala Nyabola on why technology is not always the answer; as well as many presentations on various Apache projects, many of them being…

New and shiny things Adobe engineers are looking at.

Continuing on our monthly cadence, with the last Friday of the month comes our Tech Radar: a digest of things at which Adobe engineers are looking or that we are creating.

Open source

The ApacheCon North America conference took place recently in Las Vegas, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Foundation. Video recordings of many sessions are available on the Foundation’s YouTube channel.

Apache: trillions and trillions served —

Among our favorites are the Founder’s Panel, which reflects on the Foundation’s history and on where our industry is, and James Gosling’s keynote, where the lead designer of Java reflects…

New and shiny things Adobe engineers are looking at.

We received encouraging feedback on the first edition of our Tech Radar, so here we are again! The plan is to continue on a monthly cadence for now, shooting for the last Friday of each month.

Contributions from Adobe employees are welcome. We’d like to expand this series to a wider variety of topics. Special thanks to Daniel Cushing for holding down the WTN fort (our internal tech news) while I was away in the last few weeks, providing most of the content of this post.


Deep Learning For Search — Tommaso Teofili, Manning Publications

Deep Learning For Search, written…

New and shiny things Adobe engineers are looking at.

In this new series of posts, Adobe engineers share links and article excerpts about things we are looking at across the tech space.

Like all software engineers, we spend a good portion of our time learning and trying new things, and we thought sharing those with our readership would help foster conversations.

source: Adobe Stock

Also, to be honest, due to our size (like any large organization) we sometimes have a hard time finding out what our own colleagues are doing. Spreading news here should help with that as well!

We’re currently aiming for…

As part of the Adobe Experience Manager team, I help drive Open Development. We developed this manifesto to guide our approach which has defined a large part of our team culture over the last few years.

It’s not a magical recipe to make people behave and collaborate nicely, but expressing these principles has helped us clarify how we work and create a baseline for developer expectations.

Most of it applies to other roles, so you could replace the word ‘code’ with many others and it would still work. But don’t start a funny meme around that, please!

Here’s our manifesto:

The secret to collaboration and openness is how you communicate

I’ve been lucky to attend Hollywood’s Musician Institute when I was (much) younger, spending one year full time studying and playing drums with incredible musicians like Joe Porcaro, Ralph Humprey, Steve Houghton and many others of the same caliber.

What I didn’t expect at that time is how much this improved my listening abilities. Hearing and seeing fantastic players all the time (others were fantastic — I was just average) led me to raise the bar immensely as to what I consider good playing, along with improving my analytic listening skills, getting better at hearing the subtleties beyond good music’s…

Bertrand Delacretaz

Apache Software Foundation Member and Director. Principal Scientist, Adobe Digital Experience group.

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