Hey guys, today I wanna talk about AUTORIUM with its ICO.
First of all, AUT (Autorium) is the world’s best Automatically Self Mining ERC20 compatible token built on the Ethereum blockchain. By distributing permanent Mining Wells (instead of mining nodes) before Autorium is circulated, Autoria takes the guesswork out of mining. Automated Well Mining is a permanent solution. Autorium is also the currency used in all of Autoria’s applications. Through collaboration with merchants and the continued development automated solutions, Autoria aims to solve to the biggest hurdles impairing widespread cryptocurrency adoption.

See How AUTORIUM works

Very short and simple. Autoria offers automatic mining, neither Proof of Work nor Proof of Stake; instead, automatic mining registers unique Ethereum addresses, or “Wells”, as repositories of Autorium. Connected to Ethereum, when the Ethereum block-count increases all Autoria Wells will receive tokens according to their size.

At Autoria’s foundation is a fundamentally new coin distribution model. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, which require expensive hardware to mine, Autorium is mined automatically. This introduces a new economic paradigm into the cryptocurrency market and provides a predictable rate of liquidity. Built directly into the Ethereum blockchain, this system is transparent and immutable. During our Independent Coin Offering, investors will have the opportunity to claim Mining Wells. Mining Wells are permanently registered to investor’s Ethereum wallets and can be thought of as the “mining nodes” of Autorium’s economy. By producing AUT at a predictable rate, per a mathematical formula, Autorium distribution is provably fair. Investors who sieze the opportunity to participate in our ICO will have their Ethereum wallets hardcoded as Mining Wells and become permanent fixtures of Autorium liquidity.

Autoria will actively engage major exchanges to further increase fair distribution, lower entry barriers and raise Autoria’s vitality.

Autoria will develop value-adding services, beginning with a Lottery, an inverse Lottery (much like Russian Roulette) and a derivatives prediction market as well actively engaging the community to develop DAPPS.

Autoria will actively pursue a wide acceptance of the currency and platform, starting with online merchants..

Autoria wishes to keep expanding, become an ecosystem of services and functionalities to safeguard it’s value.

A mining system you can TRUST
Rapid Cryptocurrency Exchange Adoption
Provably Fair Games and Apps
Merchant Services
International Payment Platform


Autoria ICO will start on July 14th until it’s sold out and this will take place on official webpage

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