CarTaxi ICO is a logistics platform for evacuating and transporting cars that integrates all tow trucks in a single application. It is a global mobile solution based synergistically on geolocation and blockchain plus smart contract technologies.

In short, CarTaxi ICOi takes the vehicle towing market to

a new level of organization, transparency and convenience.

Everywhere, vehicle towing business is based on old dispatching methods that rely on human factors, and small to average clusters, it’s high time some new form of tech sync with this and spring up a new idea.

Now looking at the entire concept of cartaxi, it integrates all tow trucks in a single application. Here you can contact operators with the CarTaxi ICOi app.

Features of cartaxi

1. it gives the best and closest option for vehicle towing which is also timely

2. it has a mobile app whic makes everythig easier. i.e contacting operators and tracking locations.

3. here, there is payment security as a result of the decentralized blockchain technology here.

4. CarTaxi for Clients is the service provider whose liability for

transportation is always guaranteed. This means that you, the

customer, can always be assured that your cargo is secured by a global service provider, CarTaxi, and that any damage will be

compensated without unnecessary hassles.

How will Cartaxi service work?

Cartaxi service will work based on the following strategies


All owners of tow trucks in each region are connected to the

CarTaxi service. A special application is installed for this

purpose — an admin panel for partners. This means that, at any

point in any city, a large number of tow trucks are available and

ready to come as quickly as possible at minimal cost to the driver.

The client receives the fastest service for the minimum cost,

without paying for extra trips with equipment.


The CarTaxi platform uses blockchain technology based on smart contracts with Ethereum. Blockchain makes the company’s operations completely transparent.

This blockchain technology open other channel such as

a. Payments are set up using smart contracts and blockchain

technology, making this the ideal system for safely transferring funds between the client and the service provider, and guaranteeing that payment will be transferred only when the service has been rendered. Also, The blockchain system allows you to conveniently track the status of payments with each contractor. It maintains a database of orders, provide transparent accounting and offsetting various types of payments.

b. CarTaxi monitors the transportation process from the arrival and loading phase, to unloading at the end point. Smart contracts allow you to track the safety of the goods being transported.


A mobile app for clients has been implemented on IOS and

Android platforms and provides these services to customers:

1. Register the user.

2. Manage Vehicle List.

3. Set up payment methods linking bank cards to your account.

4. View order history.

5. Automatically detect user geolocation and display location

on a map.

6. Set up an order for vehicle transportation and establish the

start and end points of the trip, the car, the payment method,

and any comments.

7. Preliminarily calculate the trip cost based on the data entered,

and details of the cost based on the rate zone.

8. Issue promo codes for orders and offer the choice of a non-cash

payment method.

9. Cancel an order during execution.

10. Provide real-time tracking of contractors on an interactive map.

11. Notify the customer of the contractor’s approach.

12. Evaluate orders after execution.


A mobile app for partners has been implemented on the IOS and

Android platforms and provides the following functions to the

partners of the Service:

1. Receive and execute customer orders.

2. Manage the availability of contractors.

3. Send contractor location coordinates.

4. Notify contractor about new orders and Service messages

5. View order history.

6. View contractor’s current balance in the system and the

history of settlements.


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