With the development of technology in the banking sector, the desired target has not been achieved. Changing the bank for this reason will be one of the biggest steps that can be taken in this process. And to meet Change in this direction will be your safest decisions about change. Change is the first global decentralised crypto bank period. Change, Changes everything about the way you spend, invest, lend and handle money. Today, cryptocurrencies are used as speculation and as a savings and investment medium. However Change will drive the shift of use of cryptocurrencies as a spendable asset and help drive this social behaviour

Change is perfectly poised at the right time and is going to focus not only on building a financial platform but will also lead and drive the shift to build a good and robust ecosystem around its platform towards this end Change Bank has partnered with Indorse a social media platform for professionals who will help change with a ready and easy access to a network of professionals to use change platform. A Singapore bank, set up in early 2016, Banca Change is a decentralized emerging crypt-bank for electronic residents. The Change logo , the broken circle, represents the Change Bank — the ability to “break the loop” and take control.

Being a fully digital bank , it allows Change to work at a fraction of the cost of traditional banks. No fee will be charged to have an account, to transfer funds or to make payments.

Change has received strong and growing community support from investors and crypto community proof of it is in the whitelist which had 14000 backers ready to buy into the Change story at the Pre ICO stage As part of its presale, this reflects in the money collected so far as Change has so far raised about $8 million as part of the pre sale and counting…


Chang’s mobile application facilitates the storage of all major cryptos-currencies, easy management of cryptographic portfolios, simple transfers of funds between people and a host of other functionalities. 
 Change Card is a card that allows users to spend cryptomonas in millions of online and offline locations around the world.

User registration automatically creates a multi-asset blockchain crypto-wallet, the Change wallet crypto . 
 Users will be rewarded for using the Change Card and other third-party services on the platform — online or offline — by receiving part of the reverse transaction in the form of Change , the backbone of the Change platform, Change Bank emblematic cryptomonda. 
 Anyone can use the best service offered by Change Bank,

Change has also received backing from leading Industry lights

Roger Crook, the former CEO of DHL is an active evangelist and called Change a “revolution”. Most recently, Rob Findlay — Founder and CEO of Next Money — has joined the advisory, board among others.

Change, is partnering with the Estonian Government’s e-Residency program. Estonia, considered to be the most advanced digital economy in the world. The Estonian e-Residency program is being supported by numerous high-profile social influencers and power people in the financial and crypto space including names such as Tim Draper, Edward Lucas and Vitalik Buterin, among others.

What this means is Change is bringing in affirmative transformation and not by going against the established systems. Change while disrupting the financial system is bringing in the change by engaging with the stakeholders of the financial system. For Change this project and partnerships with the government is crucial and a key milestone as it opens the door to faster acceptance by the economy.Change has been attracting wide media coverage across the globe

Change has made a partnership with the world’s most advanced digital society , the Estonian government’s e-Residency initiative and Change services are becoming available for the 21,000 global nomads who are already e-residents. By creating digital identities, Change could potentially provide potential to many customers around the world who have little banking services, not having all the necessary identification documents. 
 Change will support any of the major cryptomonas (BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.), including the change currency , which is a carefully designed Cryptomon to be the emblematic currency of the Change ecosystem, facilitating the transfer of funds between different investment opportunities and financial services. Issuing Changeallows Change to be supported by investors around the world through an Initial Currencies Offer ( ICO ).

We remind you that pre-sale is capped at 50,000 ETH and pre-ICO discounts are distributed on a first come, first served basis.

The ICO will start on September 16, 2017 and will end on October 16, 2017.

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