Less is more.

Times have changed.


No more, people waste time time reading a wall of text in an e-mail, or they can afford to watch 60 something minute video on how to create a basic website or cook a meal. They want to make things happen fast, they want them to happen now. In short, minimize the time and effort spent on something, and keep things simple.

So why less means more? Here’s a simple formula for you:

“Don’t use a lot where a little will do.”

Makes sense, right? Why do you use sentences like: “this product is great because it will allow you to use your computer’s network adapter to connect you to the Internet and…”. You get the point.

Instead, why don’t you simply say: “This product is awesome. You don’t have to take my word for it, just ask Joe”.

You see, I’d personally like to make not owning sh*t one of my main goals in life. The less you have in your backpack and around the house makes you feel more satisfied and better about yourself. All that clutter of useless stuff you have laying around for what? I’d use basic things only — the kitchen, bathroom, one desk, a laptop, a sofa, a bed, some clothes, and space — lots of clean space.

Who is living up to this?

People are overwhelmed with stuff. They just don’t want to admit it. Rare are those people who can say that they are true minimalists. They exist in great startups, they are curious individuals travelling the world with a backpack of only necessary things.

They are digital nomads, creative thinkers, entrepreneurs with a vision. So why don’t you give away or sell stuff you don’t need anyway, and take some time to go and explore new worlds? I’m sure everyone can do it.

Where to start?

Give out some of the things you don’t use today. There are people who are actually in need of them.

Go to a place you have never been before, and share a meal with the locals.

Carry a moleskin and a pen, and sketch ideas any ideas that cross your mind. You will be surprised to see how much you can achieve when you are lightweight.

Start small. Scale your ideas every day, and never quit dreaming.