Various Forms of Acrylic Displays

Acrylic displays in the form of signage, cases and shop fittings are popular means to exhibit products. They have definitely made their place alongside wood and metals, but can also be attached with the same to enhance the promotion of products and services.

The entire field of advertisement has been revolutionised by the market of acrylic displays. For many years, wood and metal showcases ruled the advertising world. After the introduction of acrylic sheets, these products are almost on the verge of extinction. Acrylic displays are lighter and on the contrary, incredibly strong. They have the attribute of transparency to allow to see through them clearly and are far cheaper than the wood and metal options. Acrylic displays are the all new creative ways of displaying items as well as storing various cosmetics and accessories.

So what are the various items produced from acrylic sheets?

Signage systems — Acrylic signage allows your store to completely stand out in competition. You can also keep small signs to achieve a professional look, while they remain fully visible to all. Acrylic signage can be attached with a cable system and integrated with lights to create a glowing edge outside of your store. With the help of a hanging or mounted acrylic sign, you will drag in more customers to your store, thereby bringing in more business.

Acrylic display cases — These items can be mounted on walls, and also come as small shelves. The small shelves are mainly used for keeping ladies items on display. They are also used as acrylic cosmetic displays to exhibit makeup products like eyewear, watches, nail polishes, jeweleries and other items. They are lighter and sturdier than any other usual showcase. And even if they break anyhow, which is rarely the case, they do so inlarge fragments and remain harmless for anyone picking it up the broken bits.

Slatwalls and Shop fittings — Have you created a beautiful and unique styled brochure for your company’s advertising? Acrylic brochure holders display your brochures with a flair, creating a unique look to call the customers for sale conversions. Acrylic sheets can also be displayed on wood or metal or any other material. Slatwall shelving is used with simple slatwall panels that can be carried along and positioned wherever you want. This independence allows you to showcase the products at the very heart of the crowd. With the help of slatwall hooks and other innovative accessories, you take the complete charge of the advertisement.

You can also decorate an entire wall of your store with acrylic slatwall hooks and shelves, making a fusion of advertisement and decoration.

Because of their durability and easy maintenance, acrylic displays are the most fashionable items of display media in the market right now.