Brendan D Living Legend or Destined for Failure?

I am an adventurous son of a bitch with a taste for thrills. I jam out to my trill tunes while conjuring juvenile ideas. My life has been based around entertaining myself and being unproductive. I toss around a frisbee and swing that tennis racket.

I chose Gimme Shelter because it is a very inspirational song in my opinion. It just gets me very pumped whenever I hear it.

This is what I was doing on Thursday night. I was laying in bed surfing the web, day dreaming about shredding the gnar.

This is Eddie Vedder. He is an idol of mine because he is the lead singer of one of the greatest bands of all time. He is also a very genuine person who I would just love to be friends with.

This is Dave Grohl. He is one bad ass dude. He’s a very skilled musician and he also clowns on the daily.

This is Shane McConkey. He was a professional skier and base jumper. He’s hella dope and he inspires me to jump off gnarly buildings.

An aspiration of mine is to be able to fly down a mountain in a wing suit, just like my furry friend right here.

I know we were asked to include 3 pictures to represent America, but I can do it in one, because I’m efficient like that. I think this perfectly incapsulates America at this point in time. We are a country that when broken down, is complete garbage, but we spray that garbage with some lysol, paint it pretty and call it the best country on earth.

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