My DNC PTSD won’t allow me to participate right now…
Lena Danger

So don’t. Hillary will still win and you can maintain your holier than thou self righteous credentials. Have you heard Jill Stein speak? Do you really think she is capable of running the country? She is from my hometown and I only ever hear about her every 4 years. If we really want a viable 3rd party, It needs to happen between presidential election years. There’s too much at stake.

I am a progressive who votes strategically. I know that unfortunately most of the country does not fully agree with me on most issues. My state will go blue, Texas and the south, etc. will go red, and the swing states and moderates will determine the winner. Sometimes you just don’t get your way…..even Bernie recognizes that….so go ahead and waste your vote on Dr. Stein. You can continue to feel self righteous and good about yourself. It’s certainly your right to vote for whomever you want. Just don’t insinuate that those willing to vote strategically so that women don’t lose the right to a safe abortion and immigrants aren’t shipped out en masse (among many other civil rights abuses) are any less righteous.

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