Keep the Main Thing the main thing.

One thing and one thing only.

Entrepreneurs are especially susceptible to ‘all things are possible’ which leads to drifting, a term made possible in one of my favorite books ‘Outwitting the Devil’ by Napoleon Hill. Whether you believe Mr. Hill actually had a conversation with the devil is completely irrelevant but of paramount relevance is the admonishment to be wary of drifting; drifting in thought, in action, floating from one thing to the next rapidly, allowing outside influences to dictate your belief structure.

In my own life, I have observed that when I set one singular goal and focus exclusively on that goal, I achieve it. When I do otherwise, I do not. I think ‘Outwitting’ can be succinctly summarized down to that one idea.

The very notion of ‘multitasking’, so pervasive in our society and especially in the business community is dangerous and paralyzing. Multitasking is a myth; we are digital and we are discreet. We only engage in multitasking because to do many disparate tasks rapidly in sequence feels like progress. It is not and the quality of work will suffer.

To avoid drifting, make the chosen end state discreet and definable. I once said, ‘Someday I will be a fighter pilot’. When I became one…goal complete. Business outcomes are far more nebulous so we’re reluctant to put a fine point on the desired end-state, lest we miss the mark due to myriad external factors and be forced to say, ‘Goal not complete’. Have the brass ones to put a very fine point on what you want and you will very likely achieve it — omit that step and assuredly you will not.