Police Recruiting: Time for a Paradigm Shift
The White Hat Syndicate

I would agree that it is time for a paradigm shift, but maybe not the one you mention. Background investigations are often draconian, and any drug use or other illegal activity is grounds for disqualification. This is has the effect of recruiting unadventurous or unimaginative people who often have trouble relating to people unlike themselves. Another shift may well be the thought that a thirty year veteran officer is a good investment. When taking into account the added seniority, leave accrual, retirement, and disability costs, 100 grand might be a good investment in fresh blood, thus avoiding high end-of-career costs. As an industry, the fact that police can only move to certain agencies and retain benefits also crimps the market. Maybe be just hire for the short term and kick most loose and just retain the cream of the crop lifers like the military does?

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